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구독 통화:OGO
시작 시간:2022-03-24 11:02:32
종료 시간:2023-03-24 11:02:32
총 발행량:999999999.000000 OGO
참가자 수:15000000.000000 OGO
프로젝트 지시
구독 한도 :9999999.000000
단일 최소값 :15000000.000000
구독 한도 :10000.000000

Industry background

The birth of the blockchain marked the beginning of the construction of a truly trustworthy Internet. By combing through the rise and development of the blockchain, it can be found that the focus of the blockchain is that it can establish a reliable peerto-peer trust in the network, so that the value transfer process removes the interference of the intermediary, which not only discloses information but also protects privacy , Both making joint decision-making and protecting individual rights and interests. This mechanism improves the efficiency of value interaction and reduces costs. From an economic point of view, the new value interaction paradigm created by the blockchain is based on "weak centralization", but this does not mean the complete disappearance of various "centers" in the traditional society, and a large number of blockchains will appear in the future. The “multi-center” system is based on alliance chains, private chains or hybrid chains. Blockchain will further improve the operating efficiency of the “center” and reduce a considerable part of its cost. From a technical point of view, we believe that blockchain is a technology system that is jointly maintained by multiple parties, stores data in a blockchain structure, uses cryptography to ensure transmission and access security, and can achieve consistent data storage, non-tampering, and non-repudiation. This technology has brought unlimited space for imagination to the world. The global interest in blockchain continues to heat up. Major global economies have begun to study blockchain technology and development trends from the national strategic level.